E choes of your silent sounds 
  M ist our eyes with tears         
                     M ay we be blessed and your sweet voice     
n Heaven reach our ears 

Our adorable Emmi was born on October 26, 2010 to my daughter and son-in-law, Diana Marie and David James Garcia.  She could not go home and join them and  her siblings, Jay, Anna, Kyla, Ysabel and Tristan because our beloved Emmi was born with Congenital Diagfragmatic Hernia. She remained in her little isolet in pediatric intensive care all her short earthly life.

Because she was continuously intubated, Emmi never made a sound.  Her spirit, however, communicated very well.  It was the sound of Emmi's silence that broke through many hardened hearts, brought comfort to many hurting souls, spoke of love to those that cared and sparked hope in the many lives she touched.

On Saturday, January 15, 2011, was released from all that kept her here and taken from her daddy's arms by God's angels to be carried to our Father's Arms in Heaven. 

No stain was on her little heart;
Sin had not entered there;
And innocence slept sweetly on;
That pale white brow so fair.
She was too pure for this cold earth;
Too beautiful to stay;
And so God's holy angel bore;
Our darling one away.
She is with the angels;
Far from sin and pain;
 Jesus said: "Believe in Me;
And thou shalt see her again"