So Blessed. . .

So blessed to have loved you, though for only nine years;
So blessed for the laughter, and yes, even the tears.
So blessed to have known your sweet, tender touch;
So why does it hurt me so much?

So blessed to have known your cute little smile;
So blessed to have known your original style.
So willing to give, never wanting to take;
So blessed..... so why does my heart want to break?

So blessed to have had such a beautiful daughter;
More precious than jewels, more refreshing than water.
So blessed to know such a love that's undying;
So why can't I stop all this crying?

So blessed, yes God has been good to us dear;
He's provided and blessed us and delivered us from fear.
We praise Him, we thank Him, we exalt His Holy name;
Oh Lord, please help me to overcome this great pain!!!

For no greater pain exists in this world,
Yet we have your sweet promise,
we'll reunite with our girl.

Eternity in paradise, together AGAIN!!!
Forgiven our weakness, forgiven our sins.
Yes, though I am hurting, I have to confess,
God has been good, we are definitely BLESSED!!!

Inspired by the Holy Spirit and lovingly written by Yvonne Fernández in memory of her precious daughter, Leilani Lynne Fernández, who went Home to be with her Lord and Saviour on July 25, 2002 where she is whole and joyfully awaiting in the presence of our heavenly Father for the day when she will be reunited with her family.

Used by permission from Yvonne Fernández who, by God's grace, keeps a beautiful website for Leilani at


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