A David Called Chance

". . .for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God? " . . ."Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield; but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts. . ." 
(I Samuel 17:26,45)

All of us are challenged by giants.  Right now, many that are reading this are facing the taunting giants of fear, despair, grief, loss and/or pain.  Chance shakes his fist in his giant's face; not with false bravado but with the glorious power our Lord and Saviour liberally gives through His Holy Spirit to them that ask!


My Father

I lost another friend today.
From this monster called cancer. 
I had never met them face to face
But they were my friend in illness and faith.

Another Angel is in heaven
It is so sad for all involved.
All I can do is pray
That they will meet again one day.

I know in my heart
That God only takes his chosen ones
But that does not help the family
That is crying today for their child.

My Father in heaven
Please watch over all of us
And if you decide to take one of us
Please let us come be with you.

For if we are chosen
To go to heaven 
I know it is because
We are needed there more than here.

I love you Lord and always will
Your son, Chance

Dear God,
Do you know how much I love You? 
I know You do because You see everything and hear everything. 
I know You answer my prayers, 
not always like I think You should but how You think You should. 
Do you know how much I hate being sick?
Yes You do because You know all and see all.
I know You did not do this to me or my friends.
You helped us all on our journeys,
to make us stronger and better people. 
And sometimes You need us in Heaven with You. 
And sometimes You let us stay here to teach other people,
that You still work Miracles.
I am Your Miracle God,
Not the doctors or the nurses or the researchers.
I am YOUR Miracle. 
I love You God. 
Thank You!
Your Son Forever.

It wasn't by chance that I met Chance through a faithful sister's website; it was divine appointment.  Words alone cannot adequately describe the encouragement, the blessing, the witness this young prayer warrior is to the sick and weary,  to the anxious and despairing,  to the brokenhearted and grieving, and, most of all, to our Lord's bleating, lost sheep.

It is now with very deep sorrow that I must inform you of Patti's, Chance's Mom, death due to cancer.  Patti is now whole and safe and rejoicing in the presence of Jesus.  Please pray for Chance, his sister, Angel, and their faithful friend, Jodi.