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While on her earthly pilgrimage, my daughter Anna's favorite Bible verses were Galatians 5:22,23.  She read them often and had me use them in our nightly devotions together regularly.  I never did fully understand what appeared to be an obsession with these verses until she went home to be with the Lord. In my dark but, by God's infinite grace, short periods of doubt as to where my precious daughter was spending her eternity, our gracious heavenly Father pointed me to her favorite verses:


Yes, yes, she did indeed display the Fruit of the Spirit!   Oh, thank you, thank you, Jesus!

He comforted me with His WORD as He has promised.

"Remember the word unto thy
servant upon which thou
hast caused me to hope. 
This is my comfort in my affliction: 
for thy word hath quickened me."
(Psalm 119:49,50)

Maybe you've also been separated from your child by death. There are, however, many ways of being separated from our children that, as incredible as it might seem, are perhaps just as painful.  There's the separation of drugs, of alcohol, of cults and gangs, of gambling, of crime, of prison, of rebellion, of a multitude of perversions, of promiscuity, of indifference, of illness, of war.  Who can tell which one tears a parent's heart more?

Please ever keep in mind, that while He will not always calm the storm around us, our Saviour, Jesus Christ will ALWAYS calm the storm within us if we draw to His side.

He has comforted me 
He will comfort you

We Invite You to Know
the God of Glory, the God of Patience and Consolation, the God of Hope, the God of Peace, the God of Love, the God of all Grace, the God of all Comfort

"Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name"

Oh, my Jesus, I love you so much!!!  Please enlighten, bless, comfort and draw nigh to all those that enter into this piece of the web you have allowed your unworthy servant for your honor and glory.

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